Meet Katherine

IMG-1236Hello. I am Katherine Wilson, the other ½ of Nourish.

The past twenty-plus years of my life have been mostly devoted to being a wife to Susan and a parent to Julia and Nick. It’s been filled with adventure and fulfillment, as well as challenge and heartache.

Prior to getting married and raising a family, I worked in the hotel industry in Boston, the entertainment industry in Hollywood, and the health care industry in Los Angeles. Some interesting facts about me are that I played college basketball at American University in D.C., I worked for the Walt Disney Company in Burbank, California, I received my MBA from The Marshall School of Business at USC, my mother is an immigrant from Belarus, I was raised Eastern Orthodox and found with my wife that Unitarian Universalism is the perfect peace, love, and justice foundation for our family, I love to run, and I relish getting up early in the morning. I also really enjoy having a vegetable garden, a compost pile, and cooking for the family.

When Julia developed an eating disorder at age thirteen, our family was thrust into a world of chaos and confusion. To get better, Julia needed a full-time caretaker, and as the stay-at-home parent in a strong marriage, me taking on that role was right for our family. Those years where Julia and I were nearly bound to each other for her survival were some of the hardest and most eye-opening times to me as a parent and as a human being. As a result, Julia and I developed a unique bond and gained a new perspective on food, nutrition, cooking, and our bodies.

Today, Julia is in solid recovery, and our need for each other is changing. As she gains independence with her eating and pursues her young adult goals, I’m finding fulfillment in being of service to our community through food assistance programs. Julia and I are, in a very healthy way, growing apart. Nourish is a platform for us to express what we learned about surviving an eating disorder and finding joy in nourishing ourselves. Our approach to cooking is a simple and easy and can work for nearly everyone, whether you have disordered eating or simply need to find balance and moderation in taking care of yourself. This cookbook is so much more than a digital collection of recipes. For me, it’s about taking what I learned from my past that influenced my parenting and shaping it into a way of living that works for the needs of me and my family. This saying sums up my personal goal in life and what I hope to accomplish with Nourish:

“A meaningful life is not about being rich, being popular, being highly educated, or being perfect; it’s about being real, being humble, being strong, and being able to share ourselves and touch the lives of others.”

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